The Iranian Revolution at 30

“The year 1979 was among the most tumultuous, and important, in the history of the modern Middle East. The Middle East Institute will mark the 30th anniversary of these events in 2009 by launching a year-long special series of our acclaimed publication, /Viewpoints/, that will offer perspectives on these events and the influence which they continue to exert on the region today. Each special issue of /Viewpoints /will combine the diverse commentaries of policymakers and scholars from around the world with a robust complement of statistics, maps, and bibliographic information in order to encourage and facilitate further research. Each special issue will be available, free of charge, on our website.

In the first of these special editions of /Viewpoints/, we turn our attention to the Iranian Revolution, one of the most important — and influential — events in the region’s recent history. This issue’s contributors reflect on the significance of the Revolution, whose ramifications continue to echo through the Middle East down to the present day.

Provocative essays from 53 academics and policy experts discuss the Revolution’s effects on many different facets of life in Iran, including gender issues, education, media, the environment, energy, and foreign policy. The essays provide an opportunity for reflection on the Revolution’s positive and negative outcomes, as well as its long-term influence and future prospects. Complementing the essays is an extensive resource section of maps, statistics, a timeline, an extensive selected bibliography and detailed schematics of Iran’s internal power structure.” To down load the document, go here.

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