The Iranian Student Alliance in America’s Statement on “Iranium”

The Iranian Student Alliance in America (ISAA) at the University of California, Berkeley is deeply concerned with the launching of the film Iranium, directed by Alex Traiman and produced by the Clarion Fund. Iranium falsifies, exaggerates and overtly generalizes reality to manipulate the public’s emotions. Through such actions, the makers of Iranium instill fear within their viewers to justify their war agenda. Worst of all, they ruthlessly use the sacrifices of the people of Iran to push for a war that will target the same people.

ISAA strongly condemns Iranium and the violent and hateful messages it conveys. As Iranians who stood by our sisters and brothers while they peacefully protested for their basic civil liberties, we are here to denounce the producers of this film for falsifying the sacrifices of our fallen compatriots and to ensure that they will not succeed in using the struggle of the Iranian people to push for their war-agenda. The unjust war that Iranium calls for will lead to the death of thousands and the destruction of national resources of a country. It is a shameless and inhumane act to profit from the blood of the innocent people who are after freedom and reform.

Read the full statement here.

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