The Israeli Hypocrisy Over Iran’s Nuclear Program

Look at this clown. The spokesman for the Israeli government says that he doesn’t care what the Iranian president says, but what he does. He insists on looking at the “facts,” which according to this joker, is Iranian concealment of an aggressive weapons program and the denial of access to IAEA to Iran’s nuclear sites. Well, sir, the FACT is that Israel isn’t even a signatory to the NPT, a treaty to which Iran is indeed a signatory, and denies everyone access to its nuclear arsenal. Furthermore, we too shall care little for your words and prefer to look at Israel’s actions. Israel’s talk of “peace” while doing anything and everything it can to make peace with the Palestinians an impossibility through its endless ILLEGAL colonization of the remainder of Palestine. I can’t believe this guy spoke with a straight face. I bet he was laughing inside at what he was saying.

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