The King is Dead

Tribute to Michael Jackson: Arguably the most famous musician in world history died yesterday and like many, I was shocked and saddened to hear the news. When my brother and I were little, we didn’t have any cassette tapes (this is long before the era of CDs) but we had one tape, and that was of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and that’s all we needed. Here’s his greatest song and the most amazing music video ever made. And see this video here to see how international both Michael Jackson and Thriller continues to be.
Remember Michael and don’t forget about Iran.

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  1. Kiarash says:

    Nice! But I must disagree as thriller being his best song.. I vote Billy Jean as his best! 🙂 But I agree with Thriller being the greatest music vid of all time (no-brainer).
    Btw.. CD’s came out in the early-mid 80’s.. I Don’t get the “before the era of CD’s bit”.. maybe I misread as I’m a little sleep deprived atm. Or maybe your family was like mine and a little late catching on?

  2. Kiarash says:

    Sorry, just thought I’d clear up that the “nice” comment I started with was actually referring to Pouya’s tribute to michael jackson, not what it says above it(“the king is dead”).. Can understand how that reads.. I’m an MJ fan from way back 🙂

    Thankyou, that is all. 🙂

  3. Nazanin says:

    I think Michael Jackson’s best song is PYT (pretty young thing). Kanye West sampled the ending in ‘Good Life’. Also ‘i want you back’ is great. He always seemed to be chasing happiness and I wonder if he ever found it. Did you know he died a Muslim?
    By the way smiley, Arash says that only 20% of Palestinian suffering is due to Israel’s policies. I’m not sure how he came up with this measurement.

  4. A journalist beaten -- One year later says:

    A journalist beaten — One year later
    27/06/2009 01:30:00 PM
    Confronted with the medical reports and injuries including bruised ribs Israeli officials told the BBC that “Mr. Omer had a nervous breakdown due to the high temperature.”
    June 26, 2008 is a day I will never forget. For the events of that day irrevocably changed my life. That day I was detained, interrogated, strip searched, and tortured while attempting to return home from a European speaking tour, which culminated in independent American journalist Dahr Jamil and I sharing the Martha Gellhorn Journalism Prize in London — an award given to journalists who expose propaganda which often masks egregious human rights abuses.

  5. H.A. says:

    Hey Poo. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this. It’s mean but very funny so thought i would share:

    When Farrah Fawcet Majors reached the Pearly Gates, God said “Because you were the prettiest looking woman on earth , I’ll grant you any wish you want” Thinking for a few moments, Farrah replied ” I wish for all the children on earth to be safe.” Michael Jackson immediately dropped dead .

  6. :) says:

    Iran refuses to allow journalists to cover what is happening, and now refuses to allow the UN commission in to do an inquiry on crimes committed by the regime. Oops, I meant Israel. But in this case, Arash the fatty supports it.,0,5558064.story

    To be fair, Arash thought Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler, so we shouldnt expect a serious thought to come out of his pea sized brain. I still remember Arash saying he, himself, has contributed a lot to Judaism. Yes, despite what he looks like, his non existent accomplishments, he still has an ego.

  7. sdf says:

    🙂 you really are low, it’s amazing what a low life u r that u can’t move on. Everyone once in a while you need to open that shit-hole of urs and throw up some crap to make urself feel better, well keep going low life. We see who is the loser here and believe given your attacks, it is you.

  8. Nazanin says:

    Arash, instead of attacking him in response, why don’t you comment on Israel’s refusal to allow the UNCHR to investigate Gaza. Can you defend that? I’m curious.

  9. :) says:

    Apparently you are a terrorist in Israel if you have too much food. Yes, Arash will defend this crackpot state to no end:

  10. sdf says:

    It is very simple, because the UNCHR will use a lot of hearsay, meaning statement out of court offered for its truth and of course you could never use that as evidence, Israel is dealing with a very baised fact finding group. U.N has been biased toward Israel for quite a long time, and even though Israel has used factual proof, not simple mere statements of witnesses, that Hamas has used civilian areas to instigate, carry, manage, and of course provide support to carry military operations against Israel, they never ever passed a resolution condemning those actions. There clips out there showing how Hamas was using civlian areas and using civilian population for protection. A perfect example of it is when Ismail Hanieh was hiding in a hospital during operation cast lead and not a word of condemnation about it. Another example is using U.N school to launch missiles against Israeli civlians in Serdot. When Israel see such biased treatment of factual evidence and mere hearsay, of course Israel will simply not comply with biased fact finding agent of U.N.
    I am not sure if this was U.N. or a NGO who announced that Israel is reponsible for operation cast lead because it violated the cease fire in Nov, 2 months b4 the ceasefire coming to an end because of an arrest operation in West Bank. I think they forgot to mention there ceasefire was violated well before that when missiles were flying toward Israel. 2 important issues:
    1. ceasefire did not apply to west bank
    2. ceasfire terms did not call for decrease in missiles being launch against Israel, rather it called for them to stop.

    With biased treatment like that, Israel does not need to comply with any groups like that, neither it is legaly binded to do so.
    Another perfect example of such action is in Jenin. At first they claimed mass killing was taking place, and of course all hearsay. Israel said 54 people were killed, and not a single shred of evidence was found that more than 54 people were killed. Then if that wasn’t enough and they could get any evidence like that, they claimed Israel committed war crimes. Israel could have leveled the place w/ its Airforce, but to save civlian lives, chose to send in infantry units to death traps. Israel’s own soldiers were burned to death in some occasions and U.N accused Israel of war crimes? SO DOES THAT GIVE ISRAEL A PLAUSIBLE JUSTIFICATION OR PRE-TEXT TO COMPLY W/ THESE PEOPLE? Of course not, because they are, have been, and will be biased.

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