The VP Debates

The VP debates that took place last night were an entertaining spectacle, which is sad if you think about it. I think Biden won hands down but that’s besides the point as I have a bone to pick with both of them. First, it was predictable yet frustrating to see them both talk about how sanctions are a good policy on Iran. Biden even went so far as to proclaim the sanctions regime the most strident the US has ever enforced. He should be ashamed! By most accounts, the sanctions are not preventing Iran’s nuclear program (to which it is legally entitled under the NPT) and are impoverishing a nation!  Years from now when some event transpires and people take to the streets in the region angry with the US, Americans will once again ask themselves, “Why do they hate us?” They should take a moment to see the policies that are being pursued at this very moment to find the answer to a question they ask now and will certainly continue to ask themselves. Second, why is Benyamin Netanyahu being quoted in a US VP debate? This fascist colonizer of the remaining Palestinian lands has zero credibility to lend to anybody, let alone an American VP or his opponent. Please. Third, why is Paul Ryan still angry with Obama for withdrawing US forces from Iraq in 2011? Obama simply implemented the Status of Forces agreement that his predecessor, Bush, signed, which stipulated that all military personnel must be out of Iraq by the end of 2011.  If Paul Ryan wants to blame anyone, he should blame Bush and Iraqi democracy, which, theoretically is sovereign and didn’t want US troops to remain in the country!

I couldn’t be less interested in these elections.

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