The Wachowski Bros.

The Wachowski brothers’ first film since the Matrix Trilogy, Speed Racer, comes out this Friday (It’s also Emile Hirsch’s first film since Into the Wild). Be excited. See the trailer here. And Hillary was spanked yesterday creating more pressure for her to quit her bid. She insists on carrying on but I wonder if people will continue to donate to her campaign when so many consider it a lost cause. She’s already lent her campaign more than $11 million.

In any case, it’s been a decent day. Now if only Israel would stop celebrating its 60th anniversary and admit that its only real milestone is that it has succeeded in 60 years of ethnic cleansing, then I would be complete for the day. I just had to add that bit because I went to a lecture by Daniel Pipes yesterday on campus and I was floored by the revisionism.

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