Update on the Movement for Justice in Palestine

From my friend Sa’ed’s facebook status: “Although it is difficult to see hope amidst the massacres, destruction, and oppressive apartheid system in Palestine, there is light at the end of the tunnel. A sampling of the latest headlines on my newsfeed from the weekend:
* Lawrence Weschler, acclaimed Jewish-American writer, releases a statement likening the Gaza Strip to a “concentration camp.”
* Chavka Fulman-Raban, Last of Warsaw Ghetto Survivors, Calls for Rebellion Against Israeli Occupation.
* John Kerry slams Israel’s Gaza incursion: ‘It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation’ (he didn’t realize the microphone was one when he said this).
* Selena Gomez posts on Instagram: “Pray for Gaza.”
* Norwegian MP calls for boycott of Israel over its Gaza offensive
* The US National Lawyer’s Guild endorses a boycott of Israel.
* The Critical Ethnic Studies Association becomes the fifth US academic professional association to endorse the academic boycott of Israel.
* The African Literature Association also endorsed the academic boycott of Israel..
* Desmond Tutu, 6 other Nobel Laureates, and 64 public figures issue a call for military embargo on Israel.
* Liz Lochhead, the National Poet of Scotland, endorses the academic and cultural boycott of Israel.
* Dublin City Council calls for Israel arms and trade sanctions.
* Chile suspends trade talks with Israel over Gaza bombing.
* NBC returns award-winning Arab-American journalist Ayman Mohyeldin to Gaza as a result of international outcry after NBC had removed him while covering the atrocities there.
* Palestinian solidarity protests mushroom in over 100 cities across the globe.”


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