Video Project: “Shi’ism: From Defeat to Defiance”

This past semester I enrolled in Professor Harvey Cox’s “Fundamentalism in Religion and Politics” course at the Divinity School here at Harvard. For the final, he gave us the option of doing a video project or a final paper. My friend and I did a video project on how Shi’ism and the story of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom was reinterpreted in the middle of the 20th century for revolutionary purposes. Please keep in mind that I am not particularly religious and this video and its topic were designed for educational purposes within the theme of the course. The video was screened on Jan. 8 in class and it was by and large well-received. See it here. Disclaimer: I did a lot of the subtitling but not all of it, especially not the Hizbullah clips where grammatical errors abound.

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