West Bank Village Hails Victory

BBC: The Bilin Popular Committee meets on Wednesday night to plan the next step in a campaign that turned this Palestinian farming community into a symbol of unarmed resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Thousands of Palestinian, Israeli and foreign activists have joined villagers on weekly protest marches to the controversial barrier built by Israel in the West Bank, which cuts Bilin from most of its agricultural land.

Bilin dancing men (Photo: Martin Asser)

Abu Nizar (centre) and others danced in the street after prayers

The Israeli government says the barrier is a security measure to stop suicide bombers, but critics say the structure is a calculated effort to annex occupied land.

On Tuesday the village scored a notable victory in the second part of its campaign – fighting the barrier’s route through the Israeli courts.

The Supreme Court ordered the government to draw new boundaries near Bilin because the current route was “highly prejudicial” to the villagers and not justifiable on security grounds…

[Now if they can do that with the rest of the wall, it would be great!]

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