“Why the Dollar is Green”

[This is a project spearheaded by some friends of mine that I think is worth your time. Read about it below and cast your vote please]

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About:  The film  “Why the Dollar’s Green” will provide researched analysis explaining the state of the environment and providing information on organizations doing non-profit work for the environment, in addition, the film will follow crew members as they attempt this endeavor.

The goal of the project is two-fold. First to build awareness and education on the issues the environment is facing today, which this researched documentary will highlight. Second, we will raise funds that will provide support for environmental organizations doing non-profit work, which will be raised through the making of the film itself. The film also encourages America to take the lead in this important global issue. The film will portray a different side of America by highlighting the more positive qualities of American culture, such as compassion, unity and awareness, as Americans come to together to show why the dollar is green.
Our Goal: Our goal is to collect $1 from each American on behalf of Rise Up 4’s documentary film project.
How You Can Help: Please take a minute to vote for our pepsi refresh project idea. It takes one minute and voting goes until the end of the month. You can vote for it once everyday! Vote here.
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