The Anniversary of 9/11

I posted a status update regarding the anniversary of 9/11 on Facebook that I’d like to share with you, not because of what I wrote, but because of a comment from a former student of mine:

My Original Post: “I will ‘never forget’ how the government exploited the tragedy and massive loss of innocent life on 9/11 to justify an unrelated and devastating war on Iraq, a war from which the people of Iraq have yet to recover.”

Comment: “I think today is the perfect day to bring up the war in Iraq, because were it not for 9/11 there would have been no war. That war was only possible because of how 9/11 had changed the American people’s attitudes, and made us all more willing to accept a war in that region of the world. I fought in Fallujah in 04, 05 and 06 and it is not disrespectful to point out the manner in which, and reasons why we went to war, on this day. It is today of all days that we should be reminded of this, so that maybe if a horrible event like 9/11 should happen again we remember not to let it be used to push us into another war of choice.”

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