Tomorrow is the big day. More than 20 million people have already voted as 2/3 of the country has been engaged in early voting. I’ll be voting in Massachusetts after my classes end and I’m excited to be a part of history. This campaign is ours. I donated and many of my friends have gone to battleground states and knocked on doors and made phone calls. I wish I could have done more but I’ve been locked down in my dorm room with school work while trying to make plans for after I finish my master’s degree.
I’ve followed the election season religiously, even while I was in the Middle East this past summer. And after so long, it all comes to an end tomorrow. And if the polls are accurate and Republicans play fair, Obama will be this nation’s 44th president.
To find a polling booth near you, go here. And if you still need motivation to vote, see this hilarious video. Talk to you when it’s all over. Keep your fingers crossed.

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